It is from the International Relations Coordinating Body the mission of internationalize the State University of Paraiba. This task is a two-way process: to promote our University to the world and to promote the world into our University.


The internationalization of a University comply with its own constitutive logic: humanist, universal and cosmopolitan values. Therefore, based on the singularity and identity of this State and cultural region, the SUP (State University of Paraiba) is ready to share knowledge and experiences with other Universities around the world, by opening its doors to other living and learning experiences. The key-words that guide our hard work (and also exemplify some our principles) are: student exchange, sympathy, cosmopolitanism, trading, sharing, respect, human rights.

Concrete actions

The International Relations Coordinating Body (IRCB) is looking forward to promote the student and teacher exchanging, and allow that administrative staff members of our University can also exchange with other universities outside our country; Another concrete action is to stimulate the creation of international research groups, promote international cultural and extension projects; To stimulate qualification and training of teachers from other international honored universities.

In order to do so, the IRCB aims to stablish International Cooperation agreements and other arrangements that will be based on necessities and demands of our Under graduate and Post Graduate courses. Therefore, the IRCB understands that a good alliance is the one based on the concrete interests of our faculty members.

Recognizing the variety of process that had been intensified in the international system in the last decades and with the enhancement of social-economic interactions along with the growing search for democratization of international political spaces, It is possible to observe the rising of new themes and agents in the international scenario. That way, international organizations, social transnational movements, multinational companies, international NGOs, are relevant agents in the international field. They act essentially in the formulation and fulfillment of different politics.

Within this reality, the SUP aims to become a international social agent, capable of contribute to a series of international issues such as: water resources, climate change, South American development, hunger and poverty issues in development areas and the promotion of popular culture as a universal expression.

Therefore, the IRCB, focusing on promoting this assumption and legit reality for SUP in the international scenario, wants to stablish alliances with International Organizations and Regional Integrations such as: The United Nations, Organization of American States, International Labor Organization, The International Organization for Migration, MERCOSUL, and UNASUL.

Creating the future

This task is noble and important to our university not only because of the moral perspective, but also practical, while the scientific evaluations of the Federal Government gives a positive feedback to Undergraduate and Post-graduate programs that are internationalized.

That way, the great task of SUP internationalization shows itself as a necessity that demands action. It is right to affirm that this should be done in a collective way, gathering the whole community of this institution. By adding efforts and with lots of dedication, we will keep fostering the dream of making the State University of Paraíba, an excellence University, social and dignified.